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Final thoughts for 2022

The single most important thing to watch in 2023

Can Australia become the Saudi Arabia of the Pacific?

Super strong Aussie jobs to support real estate market in 2023

Real estate market looks for clues to decide what comes in 2023

Why the forecasters keep getting it wrong

Should your first property be a home or investment?

Prediction: Interest rate pivot could come in 2023 as data starts to soften

Aussie inflation preview -- what we expect

How many properties to create $100,000 passive income?

Video: Things to consider when buying off the plan

Client conversations: Buying real estate in your 20s

Investment outlook for October

Is it too late to start investing?

Where to find value in Melbourne property...

Flashnote: US inflation rate is close to peak

Should I Airbnb my property?

Housing Storm: What's next for the property market?

Why no one is paying attention to the housing crisis in Australia?

Our Property Investors Community Meetup is in one week

Flashnote: RBA sends message to market: we're sensible

How to create positive cashflow in a high growth market

Flashnote: Inflation may have already peaked in Australia

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In investing, what is comfortable is rarely profitable

Australia’s population growth bounces back

It is officially a buyers market

Facts & FAQs: What is happening with supply levels?

Flashnote: Where to next for the RBA?

Facts & FAQs: Where are interest rates heading?

Video: Is now a good time to buy property?

Not too late to invest in regional: Government signals commitment to high-speed rail

Video: Migration changes will lead the next property BOOM

Facts & FAQs: Is the housing market unaffordable?

Flashnote by Peter Esho: RBA walks the talk

Investors can't pay too much attention to short-term market movements.

Video: Why investors need to play the long game in property Investing

Peter Esho's investment outlook for September

Pros and cons to buying a property with your partner

What can we learn from previous price cycles in Australia?

The best advice for first time property investors

How high will Australian interest rates rise?

Things are slowing down, but thats where the opportunity lies

Case study: Why Darren chose Canberra for his first investment?

Interest rates will rise but cap out pretty quickly

Revealed: Our top regional property hotspots for 2023

Case Study: Overcoming fears when investing in property

The Australian inflation rate is actually falling

Low deposit opportunities

Video: Melbourne's next investment hotspots revealed by Kej Kulane

Is now the right time to pull equity out of your property?

Top tax deductions for property investors

Get started in property investment

Why is Perth attracting property buyers now?

How to use the migration patterns to invest in property

Rates are going up. What's next?

More rate rises coming before sudden stop

Flashnote: Rates rising but end in sight

Time in the market beats timing the market

NSW budget boost for property buyers

How to find the next property growth hotspot?

Is cash still king (when it is losing value?)

Which market segment will remain strong?

Will rents keep rising?

Removal of stamp duty to favour apartment buyers?

Should you invest in a brand new or old property?

How can new investors leverage equity?

Podcast: Buying my First Property with Limited Savings

Interest rates rising, what now?

Australian property market prediction - June 2022

Video: Is Perth the right city to invest in?

Flashnote: RBA & peers are now in inflation panic mode

Want to invest in Perth? Here's what you need to know

What happens to your borrowing capacity if the interest rate goes up?

Is the Australian property market going to crash?

Auctions and clearance rates jump after Federal election

What to expect in Australian property market?

Which government housing grant is best for you?

Affordable investment property in Melbourne

Labor win may be a boost to property affordability

Impact on the property market following Labor's election win

Is good investing boring?

Strategy to build a wealthy life

Dipping into your super to buy your first home?

Who will be hit hardest as interest rates rise?

Podcast: Buy now or wait?

Buying your own home or investing in property?

Australian property market prediction - May 2022

Five costly sins of property investors

How to Invest for Rising Interest Rates

Flashnote: RBA raises and sets sights on more to come

Labor Party announces scheme to help home buyers

Top 5 effective ways to combat rising interest rates

Video: The most undervalued property market in Australia

Video: Melbourne's next investment hotspots revealed by Sam Assaad

Newcastle, a city coming of age

Pitfalls of government home buyer grants

Top 3 growth suburbs in Canberra

Podcast: Property investment strategies

Top 3 growth areas in Melbourne

Australian property market prediction - April 2022

How high can rents go?

Flashnote: RBA lays the ground work for higher rates

Beat inflation with passive income from property

Federal budget fails to address housing affordability

Why Newcastle is set for strong growth

Thriving location in Melbourne to invest

Rental property shortage on the horizon?

Top 3 Melbourne growth areas in 2022

Top 5 Sydney growth areas in 2022

Rent-vesting your way to property investment

Key Investment Themes for 2022

When is the best time to invest in property?

Which markets will grow fastest over the next 12 months?

What makes units a great property investment?

How population and infrastructure can boost the value of your investment property

Australian property market prediction - March 2022

Melbourne Property Market

RBA still warming us up for hikes

Cities vs regional: Where should you invest?

How will the Hobart market perform in 2022?

Will apartment prices catch up to houses?

Auction activity continues to surge across the country

Australian Property Market Review - January 2022

Australian Property Market Review

Auction clearance rate continues to rise upwards

What's driving property prices on the Sunshine Coast

Adelaide to resume housing growth in 2022

Volume of auctions across Australia continues to increase despite threat of rising rates

North Brisbane suburbs to keep an eye on in 2022

South Brisbane corridor set to experience strong levels of growth

How to invest in real estate in 2022: Key themes

Flashnote: RBA trying to get itself out of a messy situation

Momentum gaining as auction clearance rates and volume continues to lift

Australian Property Market 2022: Where prices are headed?

Melrose Park set to reap substantial benefit from Parramatta Light Rail

Flashnote: It's hard for the RBA to walk away from 4Q inflation numbers

Australian auctions off to a strong start as momentum flows into 2022

Flashnote: Aussie jobs growth builds case for rate hike

Should you invest in an apartment?

Canberra’s population is on track to almost double by 2058

UK house price growth at strongest levels since 2016

How will Australia's migration affect property prices

UK mortgage demand cools despite strong end to 2021

Is the Liverpool market the best kept secret in NSW?

Australian home loans hit record levels despite easing attempts

The Top 3 Australian Property Market Trends for 2022

How Melbourne Plans To Recover From The Pandemic in 2022

Australian Property Market Rolls Into 2022 on Record-High Prices

What really happens to real estate when interest rates start rising?

What's in Store For The UK Housing Market in 2022?